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CNG Fast Fill Facility – San Antonio, TX

Project Scope

The Guido Brothers Construction Company, San Antonio, TX CNG Fast Fill Facility has a stand-alone dispenser island (two double-sided dispensers) receiving compressed natural gas, electrical power and water from an existing private (city owned) CNG station location. The equipment for the dispenser island was installed within the area adjacent to existing equipment and functions in concert with the existing station. ATEI provided design, development and construction administration including all permitting and commissioning of a CNG station to fuel Class 8 tractor-trailers and standard cars and trucks.

ATEI provided:
Civil design incorporating a topographical survey. Geotechnical data was collected to support civil and structural design of the concrete flat work, enclosure, and design of the canopy. Our drawing package included design of concrete equipment pads and collaboration with local utilities, confirming specific availability of gas and electricity. All fire, landscape, and irrigation seres were accounted for.

Electrical design complied with NEC hazardous area codes, NFPA 52 and State Fire Code. Our certified engineer designed all required electrical components including the site feed panel, meter, main & breakers, conduits and wire, seals and control panel. The design included lighting, placement of emergency shutdown (ESD) panels, signs and fire extinguishers.

Mechanical design addressed the pressure and supply elements of the design installation. The mechanical design included trenching, and installation of a natural gas suction line from the meter set to the dryer. Our design specified pressure tests for all installed piping which meet the fire marshal and local inspector standard.
Contract Administration (CA) included several site visits to oversee critical inspections, facilitate construction and commissioning of the station. We prepared a bid package for the construction of the facility and aided the owner in evaluation and selection of a construction company. We conducted a value engineering analysis of the design in response to bids submitted. The commissioning of the facility took place on12/17/2015.

Project Owner: City of Lake Jackson, TX

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