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Welcome to Alpha Terra

Alpha Terra Engineering, Inc. was established in March 1997. ATEI is a verified Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business. We are focused on supporting the commercial sector, as well as federal, state, and local government architectural, engineering and environmental programs. Our mission is to provide clients straightforward, comprehensive solutions  and assist in determining the next step. Our goal is to provide honest, complete, and economical solutions in a complex world.


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Expertise and Experience

Professional Services

Architectural and Engineering Design

Alpha Terra offers a diverse selection of A/E consulting services to develop your new or remodeling project from concept, design, construction documents, permitting, and the project’s construction. Our consulting services include planning, architectural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and civil engineering with experience in a wide variety of projects including government, commercial, residential, and institutional projects.


Alpha Terra’s staff includes licensed HAZMAT inspectors who can conduct inspections for asbestos, mold, and lead based paint. They can provide remediation reports with supporting documentation to advise you on how to abate and remove the hazardous materials from your project.

Facility Assessments

Alpha Terra has extensive experience conducting assessments of facilities and/or campuses all around the globe. Our architectural, engineering and Hazmat consultants can provide a complete assessment report of your project with detailed information including cost estimating to allow you to determine your facility’s scope of work or document its current status.

Property Condition Assessments

With capabilities in both horizontal and vertical assessments, renovations, and new construction, Alpha Terra can help clients determine the built value of their capital assets as governed by the ASTM E2018 protocols. Property Condition Assessments typically involve:

  • Building Exterior Elements
  • Roof Systems
  • Mechanical/HVAC Systems
  • Electrical Systems
  • Plumbing Systems
  • Fire and Life-Safety Systems
  • Interior Finishes
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Site Civil Engineering

Innovation services we suggest for legacy owners:

  • Environmental Services
  • Energy Management

We deliver:

  • Deficiency and Conditions Report
  • Cost Estimation of corrections recommended
  • Preventative Maintenance Recommendations
  • Operations Recommendations

Environmental Services

Alpha Terra’s diversified staff is well-versed in both environmental and industrial hygiene services across both the public and commercial sectors. Some of the services that we offer to our clients include:

  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESA) for real estate transactions.
  • Phase II subsurface evaluations
  • Groundwater, soil, sediment, and surface water sampling
  • Waterway and Drainage basin Assessment
  • Geophysical Assessments
  • Monitoring Well Drilling / Abandonment
  • Risk characterization (TRRP)
  • Environmental Remediation Specifications
  • Environmental Data Management Systems
  • NEPA Assessments (EA)
  • Environmental permit services for Oil and Gas industry
  • SPCC Plans
  • SWPPP Plans

Energy Management

Alpha Terra knows energy is data, and our approach to EM is data driven. Our energy audits are only the first step to on-site assessments of the existing mechanical, lighting, building envelope, and building automation systems; followed by evaluating utility records and investigated control sequences.  Our team will balance existing built assets/liabilities with demand while accounting for energy contractual liabilities. Our goal is to develop cost-savings plans for improvements that pay for themselves initially, and later move those savings to profits.


Alpha Terra’s team are leaders in environmental education and design with a focus on existing buildings’ operations and maintenance. Going beyond best intentions, we furnish our clients with measured results for natural resources, energy resources, and passive optimization. The truly “sustainable” design does not last forever, it is one that enables stewardship, highlights when systems have fallen outside of recommended parameters, and is eminently adaptable to changing space needs. In addition to establishing the targets for a sustainable design, we also demonstrate how to consistently hit those targets.

Cost Estimating

Alpha Terra’s cost estimators have experience with a wide variety of projects and can tailor their cost estimates to your project. These cost estimates are based on current market pricing and can be used to gauge your project’s entire fee from start to finish.

Expert Witness Testimony

Alpha Terra has experience providing expert testimony for a variety of topics in the environmental and A/E industry. Contact us for your specific needs.

ATI has been supporting federal, private sector and municipal clients for over 25 years.


My interest in the environment and sensor technology drove our initial environmental geophysics business start-up. Since then we have expanded to offer full engineering services.


I watched ATI grow up from the sidelines and was excited to expand the Environmental team to a full-service all hazards consultancy.

Betrece & Victoria

Our team bridges science and service by understanding the organizational challenges legacy agencies face and help them to interpret the changing regulatory landscape.

Company Background

ATEI has been supporting federal, private sector and municipal clients for over 25 years. We have worked in 45 states, 8 countries and the territory of Guam, achieving a diverse and exemplary portfolio. We have been recognized by the San Antonio Business Journal as one of the largest Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) firms in the San Antonio area.

Core Values

Through our core values, we deliver quality, innovative, ethical, safe, and sustainable solutions in a diverse and ever-changing environment.


Our reputation spurs us forward in the marketplace. Ethical leadership and doing the right thing, although it may be tough, over the easy wrong thing, is a hallmark of our team.


We are committed to delivering the highest quality. From establishing expectations to a principal professional oversight and peer review, we strive for continuous improvement in all our work.


Capability and competence has no barriers in our diverse work force. People from all walks of life bring perspectives, open minds and connection with our clients and the markets we serve.


Workplace safety in the field and in the office is number one. We embrace a healthy and safe work environment in all that we do and on all projects.


Thinking “outside the box” is what we do best. Our creative work environment challenges us to constantly improve processes and procedures.


The company’s core foundation lies within the environmental industry. We work to reduce the impact of our projects on the environment. Our customers reap the benefits of clean, healthy and effective solutions.