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Storm Water Assessment Report and Plan | AL, GA & SC

Project Scope

ATEI was hired to develop a Storm Water Assessment Report and Plan to both federal and state requirements throughout AL, GA, and SC to provide a course of action for operators when a spill occurs. We performed the necessary investigation, calculations, and planning to ensure we accounted for all potential sources of pollution which may reasonable be expected to affect the quality of storm water discharges from the campuses. Extensive interviews were conducted maintenance personnel. This helped us pick out particular areas of concern that drawing and dry weather observation might miss. Each dumpster, above ground storage tanks, generators (stationary and transportable), hydraulic elevators, transformer and petroleum-based liquid containing switches, and waste cooking oil and engine oil dumpster were accounted for and inspected. We also located and verified storm water drainage pathways from the property. The outfall and property perimeter was inspected to ensuring each was properly marked.

Items of concern or points of interest were discussed during the assessment with the GEMS coordinators and included in the assessment report principally by exception.

Through our efforts none of the facilities required a formal SWPPP. The SWPPP is presented as a pollution prevention initiative only.

The project was completed ahead of schedule and on budget.

Project Owner: City Public Service

Project Relevance

  • Storm Water Assessment Experience
  • Environmental Experience
  • Pollution Prevention Experience
  • Municipality Experience

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